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Thank You!

A special "Thank You" to everyone who made Iwata Cup 2008 such a success!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008 - Toronto, Ontario


A very special thank you goes to the following karate clubs participating at the 2008 Iwata Cup:

Ecole De Karate Sainte-Colette

Terrebonne Karate Quebec

TNT School of M.A.

Roman Saltikov's Goju-Ryu Karate School

U of T Karate

Global Karate Do

Cambridge Goju-Kai

Yushukan Karate

Laurentian Karate
Jennings Karate
Goulding Karate
Beojuca Karate
Jundokan Usa
Shito-Kai Murayama, UK
Ahad Tanzadeh Karate
Isk Karate
Goalmax Karate
Brad Jones Karate
Larouche Karate
Kuma M.A.

Markham Meibukai
Toronto Shito-Kai
Mississauga Shito-Kai
Midland Shito-Kai
Penetang Shito-Kai

Please note, if we have inadvertently missed your dojo,
please contact us and we will ensure your dojo is included in the listing!

A special thanks to the members of  St. John Ambulance Saint-Jean, Toronto branch for their assistance.

Very special thanks to Dr. Alastair Murray, celebrating more than 25 years volunteering at Karate Ontario, NKA and Iwata Cup tournaments! 

A special thanks to this year's very special guest of honour, "the Father of Canadian Karate", Master Masami Tsuruoka, 10th dan.

Also, a very special thank you to 'NIKAZE' Martial Arts Equipment supplier for sponsoring the STAFF souvenir 'T' Shirts for the 2008 Iwata Cup Invitational Karate Championships volunteers.

Thanks to the members of the Shitokai Murayama U.K. Team for participating in the Nanban Sattory Kenpo Seminar by Murayama sensei and the 2008 Iwata Cup Canada Invitational Championships!

Also, a special thanks to the following Referees who officiated at the 2008 Iwata Cup Canada Invitational Karate Championships:


Suenori Tominaga - Chief Referee

Alex Waith

Fred Simonaitis

Josh Drury

Joy Ang

Betty Mochizuki

Peter Krizel

Ahad Tanzadeh



Phillip Powell

Donalyn Marshall



Henri Brousseau

Yannick Fortin

Jean-Marc Somma

Luc Bechard

Denis Guidon


Andre Pronovost

Nazir Uddin


A special congratulations to sensei Phillip Hevener, Philadelphia, PA. on his debut as the Author of “FUJITA SEIKO: The Last Koga Ninja” for attending the Nanban Sattoryu Kenpo Jutsu Seminar!


A special note is extended to all the friends and family members who volunteered as statisticians, helpers etc..


Also, thanks to all the wonderful participants that attended the Nanban Sattoryu Kenpo Jutsu seminar conducted by Master Kunio Murayama - 8th dan WSKF on Saturday, April 26, 2008 from the UK; Canada & USA.




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