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Summer Camp 1999

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Moledzki sensei begins the '99 Shito-kai Summer Camp with a brief talk about what to expect during the camp, as Pronovost sensei (L) translates.   '99 Shito-kai Summer Camp begins with the "Jumping Jacks" warm-up.   More warming-up!

Stretching warm-ups.   Still more warm-ups!   Moledzki sensei leading summer camp students through basic block exercise.

Come on guys, it's like this!   Students show good form in excuting the gedan bari uke using a neko ashi dachi.   I think Moledzki sensei said the other side, didn't he?

Sensei, is this correct?  If you stay like this long enough, the pigeons will land on your arm.  Honest, really!!!   Did he say PIGEONS???


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