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Summer Camp 2002

Lac Blanc, St-Ubalde, Québec, Canada

August 16-18, 2002

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Photographs courtesy of Arlene Viscount.

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Reviewing Kata - Heian Shodan.   More Kata Practice of Heian Shodan.   Moledzki Sensei supervising bunkai/oyo for Kata Heian Nidan.

L-R: Sensei Ken Desjardins; Senpai Arlene Viscount; Sensei Moledzki.   Moledzki Sensei explaining arm bar application in Heian Nidan.   ...And down he goes!!!

Moledzki Sensei explaining arm bar application from Heian Nidan on Sensei Desjardins.   Simon says, "Put your hands on your hips!"   Moledzki Sensei leads Kata Bassai Dai.

This is what happens when you hit GB12/GB20!   Then you strike this area like this!   What's that stuck on the bottom of her foot?

Day 3 of training on the beach.   Sensei André Pronovost leading the way.   Sensei Pronovost instructing kata while Sensei Moledzki supervises.


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