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Weekend Seminar

July 13-15, 2001
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

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Kyoshi Patrick McCarthy Koryu Uchinadi Toronto Seminar.      Warm-up stretching.

More warm-up stretching.      McCarthy sensei explaining history of Karate & Kata Aragaki Niseishi.

Graphic representation of history & Aragaki Katas.      Kyoshi McCarthy demonstrating on Western Canada Shibucho & Sensei Dudley Driscoll from Calgary, Alberta.

Kyoshi McCarthy & Dudley continue.      Kyoshi McCarthy explaining pressure points on Sensei Rick Ouellette (Ottawa co-host).

Pressure points continued.      Cavity Attacks

Throat attack on Sensei Mike Zinck.      More cavity attacks.

Arm bar manipulation.      Defense against a lapel grab.

Pressure point under jaw attack.      Practicing application of pressure point.


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