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Weekend Seminar

July 13-15, 2001
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

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Kyoshi McCarthy demonstrates on Pam Driscoll.      Attacking Pressure Point GB20.

Locking the arm to apply arm bar.      Escaping from a 2-handed grab from behind.

Hiza ate demonstrated on Joe Blake by Kyoshi McCarthy.      Double shoulder lock on Joe Blake by McCarthy Sensei.

Arm bar on Helen Sakamoto by Kyoshi McCarthy.      Sensei Michael Zinck applying beginning of shoulder bar.

Kyoshi McCarthy teaching Aragaki Niseishi Kata.      Kyoshi McCarthy applying knee pressure after take down.

Participants applying leg lock.      Canadian Seminar Hosts (L-R): Richard Ouellette (Ottawa); Sam Moledzki (Toronto); Pam Driscoll (Calgary); Kyoshi McCarthy; Dudley Driscoll (Calgary); and Dan Ouelette (Toronto).

Host Sam Moledzki and Kyoshi McCarthy.  ("A Quiet Moment.")      Kyosi McCarthy's reluctant "dance partner"!

Aragaki Niseishi Kata review.      Aragaki Niseishi Kata review.


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