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47 Ronin


The Story of the

47 Loyal Ronin


"Ronin" ~ A "Masterless" Samurai


Among flowers, the cherry blossom;

Among men, the samurai.

Japanese proverb.


During the Japanese Shogun period, if a feudal lord ("daimyo") lost his fiefdom, 
his samurai retainers became displaced, "masterless".

This is the story of Lord Asano, and how 47 of his samurai retainers, 
led by the brave Oishi, demonstrated the ultimate loyalty... 
with their lives.


The Story [1]  -   The Heroic Deed of the Genroku Period

History [1]  -  Sengaku-ji Temple

Pictures [1]  -  Illustrative Postcards Temple Grounds  |  Temple Museum


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The 47 Ronin Story by John Allyn

Book Summary

Published by the Charles E. Tuttle Company, Inc.
Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 70-121274
International Standard Book No. 0-8048-0196-7
First Printing, 1970
Eighth Printing, 1981

Printed in Japan


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1. Source material provided by Sam Moledzki.