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Itosu Ankoh
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"The Joy of Dedicated Training"

The Discipline of Kenwa Mabuni


The following is a 31-syllable abstract Japanese poem (commonly called a "TANKA") composed by Mabuni Kenwa sensei, (the founder of the Shito-Ryu Karate-Do) to earnestly express his view of Life and Karate-Do. Replica Audemars Piguet

Nanigotomo Uchiwasuretari

Hisasurani Bunoshima Sashite

Koguga Tanoshiki


It can be expressed as:

"Forgetting mundane things
When striving for the martial isle
Paddling is joy"

(World Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation - 1993 Inaugural Program Booklet.)


It can also be expressed as:

"With a single heart
Devoting myself to nothing else
It gives me bliss to pull on the oars
For the Island of Karate-do"

(The 3rd Shitoryu-Karatedo World Championships Program Booklet - August, 2000.)


It could also be interpreted to mean:

"When the spirit of Karate-Do (Bu) is deeply embraced
It becomes the vehicle (described as a boat) in which one is ferried
Across the great void to the 'world within' (described as 'bu'-island")

(Kyoshi Patrick McCarthy, translation. Quotes and Historical Tid-Bits, 0/11/98.)


 "Clearing my mind of everything
with devotion and joyful anticipation
I row my boat toward the island of Bu"

("Shito-Ryu:  The Island of Budo" Video, Kenzo Mabuni)



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